• March 26, 2023

West May Be Trying To Make Color Revolution In Tehran

Apparently, the West continues resolute in its strategy of promoting coups and color revolutions against emerging powers around the world. Iran seems to be the current target of global elites, who are encouraging a dissident movement to overthrow the Iranian government.

Currently, Tehran and all major Iranian cities are undergoing violent protests between political dissidents and government’s forces. The wave of demonstrations began after the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish girl who died after being arrested by Iranian police for not wearing the hijab, a traditional Islamic garment that is mandatory in Iran.

Iranian police announced in official communiqués that Amini died of sudden illness, but political opposition and feminist movements allege that her death was caused by the torture she allegedly suffered at the hands of the policemen. Thousands of women began to take to the streets protesting, burning hijabs and demanding an end to Islamic law.

The movement quickly got out of the control of the authorities and became a serious national crisis. Hundreds of people have already been arrested and dozens have died in the demonstrations. What began as an anti-religious protest by women has turned into a civil war-like violent riot. Opposition groups took advantage of the moment to start an unprecedented wave of violence. There are videos circulating on the internet showing protesters murdering police officers, which reveals the seriousness of the situation.

On September 23th, President Raisi announced the Iranian government would take more effective measures to regain control over the crisis. More incisive action is expected in the coming days, including mass arrests and the use of the intelligence apparatus to directly target key protest leaders and funders. In fact, this seems to be the only way to prevent the country from going into a legitimacy crisis since the main demand of the protesters is now the very end of Islamic theocracy.

As expected, the western media is strongly supporting the demonstrations. News agencies have reported the case as an example of a popular revolution against a “dictatorship”. Liberal political groups also encourage the protests as an opportunity to overcome traditional Islamic politics and start a secular and “democratic” political period.

It is precisely in this Western support for the protests that arise the suspicions that there is a color revolution underway in the Persian country. For example, Soros’ Open Societies Foundation, one of the world’s leading regime-change funding agencies, has publicly declared its support for Iranian dissidents.

In the Open Societies’ social media it is possible to read: “Inspired and led by brave women, Iranian people have courageously taken to the streets to demand freedom and an end to government repression. The protests are inspiring in their scope and diversity across ethnicity, religion, age, and socioeconomic status. We stand in solidarity with Iranian people and call for the repeal of all discriminatory laws aimed at ongoing repression of brave women of Iran and an end to state-mandated internet disruptions. We join our partners in urging feminist movements globally to amplify demands and express solidarity with Iranian women’s movements – a new, brave generation who transcend societal and political boundaries and divisions in building new norms”.

It is important to remember that Soros is not only an important global investor, but one of the main agents in defense of liberal globalism, being involved not only in color revolutions, but also in the financing of several clandestine operations by Western intelligence, such as the biolabs in Ukraine. Obviously, the mere existence of his support for the protests is not sufficient proof that this is a deliberate color revolution operation against the Iranian government, but it would be naive to believe that his support is a simple detail and not real evidence that the Western forces want to overthrow the Iranian government.

Amidst the global context of tensions and security crisis, promoting a color revolution in a counter-hegemonic country so important as Iran would be a significant victory for the elites that defend western unipolarity. Therefore, even if initially the protests supposedly started in a popular and organic way, the situation is certainly turning into an attempt of regime change.

If Iranian policemen really killed a woman, they must be investigated, prosecuted and punished. Iran has its own legal forces that are competent enough to deal with this type of situation. In the same sense, the country has made many efforts to improve the living conditions of women. Iran is the country with the highest number of female scientists in the world. 70% of Iranian academics in natural sciences and mathematics are women, for example. Clearly, despite having some problems with women’s rights, Tehran strives to improve this situation and reconcile women’s well-being with Islamic traditionalism, without needing foreign interference to overcome its problems.

Any form of violation of national sovereignty through foreign support for internal dissent must be condemned. Therefore, it is Iran’s right to take effective measures to prevent chaos from spreading in the country.


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