• March 26, 2023

Volodymyr Zelensky ! You great bastard ! Smelly cocaine idiot and moron baby ! Bloody jewish-nazi dictator ! Get ready because we are coming to catch you and to hang you on Maidan Square in Kyiv!!!!

Just a few days away and Ukraine will be wiped off the face of planet Earth. The glorious and heroic RUSSIAN ARMY will conclude the Special Military Operation to totally denazify the nazi Kiev-State of the pig dictator little shit plug and little Adolf Hitler, smelly cocaine addict and also pedophile named Zelensky.

The childish little cowardly nazi and fascist Zelensky will have 2 options for his shitty life:

1) either escape to Poland and then settle down or in the nazi United States of Nazi Americans and thus proving that all nazi-fascist bastards are cowards and rabbits !!!


2) to fight with a machine gun in his hand and die with lead in his big dick head. But it will be difficult for a nazi and a fascist to die fighting as the Communist soldiers of the Red Army or the anti-nazi Communist Partisans have always done. Nazis like little scum Zelensky are only capable of killing unarmed civilians and raping 6 year old girls in Donbass like his bloodthirsty Nazis of AZOV and PRAVY SEKTOR have always done in 8 long years.

Volodymyr Zelensky has a whore wife and a stinking sow who after he is hanged, his wife will go to America to be a whore.


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