• April 1, 2023

Stupidity and abysmal ignorance are a common feature of young people between the ages of 20 and 40 in many parts of the planet. They know everything about the smartphones they hold in their hands 24 hours a day, but they know nothing about the history of fascism and Nazism as universal tragedies against all humanity. The hour of the victorious end of the Military Special Operation in Ukraine is very close and the world will change once again with the total destruction of the West.

Right now as we write billions of young people between 20 and 40 years old excluding young people from Democratic People’s Republic of Korea , Socialist Republic of Cuba , People’s Republic of China and others do not rightfully allow links to criminals GOOGLE , FACEBOOK , ect., they are moving to any place with the smartphone in their 2 hands.

Years ago in Langley some psychologists , neuropsychiatrists , neurologists , sociologists , transactional communication experts , mobile phone manufacturers , IT experts , telecommunications experts and of course military counterintelligence and espionage experts from various western countries carried out studies on the behavior of human beings in the Millennium when they could have in their hands a mini-computer with an abundance of technology for different information. Politicians did not participate in research and studies on human behavior in the face of the abundance of technology enclosed in small computers at very low costs as being the subjects by DNA corrupt and corruptible and corrupting they could not have impartial opinions on things to do.

Langley’s research and studies were attended by many German-born CIA agents who later became Nazi SS or Gestapo criminals alongside the Aryan syphilitic pig Adolf Hitler, and were recruited by the United States Secret Service at the end of World War II as bloodthirsty criminal experts . Who does not know the CIA established in September 1947 by military general Dwight Eisenhower , William Donovan , Allen Dulles and the assassin of the Japanese civilian population Harry Truman , i.e. the author of the genocide of HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI who as assassin of millions of unarmed civilian human beings has never been tried or convicted by any court.

Well , this is real history . These criminal founders of the CIA recruited and placed high-ranking bloodthirsty German Aryan Nazis who had shortly before killed millions of innocents throughout Europe and outside Europe such as the Soviet Union.

Well . The CIA was led in the last 70 years by the bloodthirsty Nazi assassins of Adolf Hitler who in 1946 and 1947, with the warm help of the priests, cardinals, pedophile bishops of the CATHOLIC CHURCH OF ROME, made the Nazi criminals who had fled to hide from the Soviet soldiers of the RED ARMY in their villas owned by the CATHOLIC CHURCH OF ROME.

After that the pedophile and pedarast priests handed over the criminal Nazis to the Amerikan military secret services OSS, which brought them to the USA and after a few years the Aryan Nazis with new Amerikan names (of which we also know those) obtained new false documents about their Aryan Nazi origins (we also know the original Aryan German names of everyone who later became a US citizen).

So from 1948-1949 the CIA became a deadly bloody criminal organization with the sole purpose of killing: communists, socialists, anarchists, intellectuals, politicians, entrepreneurs, teachers, students, journalists, lawyers, individuals who had publicly expressed their sympathy towards the SOVIET UNION and the whole REVOLUTIONARY MARXIST-LENINIST world.

But like almost all Aryan Germans, even those who ended up in Amerika to direct and develop the CIA sinned by great stupidity and too much arrogance. So puffed up in their new business as torturers under cover of the stinking Stars and Stripes flag, they made mistake after mistake as they moved around the world. Little did they know that others , their sworn enemies , were watching them wherever they were even with their families and friends . The good post-war investigators collected millions of pieces of information and sensitive data on the Aryan Nazis who directed the nascent CIA up to cramming entire secret archives still to this day.

The CIA is always the first Yankee “company” (so it was called by the insiders) and is still the bloodthirsty criminal agency formed only by professional assassins specialized in various areas of planned assassinations.

We always smell their stink, we feel their heart, we hear what they say and we know what they are planning to destabilize the whole world. That is being real bloodthirsty criminals of the CIA.

These Nazi CIA executives did studies years ago with experts to change the intelligent behavior of young humans into new ” SHEEP ” behaviors ( so it was written in CIA internal top saecret documents ) .


We hope that soon the leaders of EurAsia will invent a ” new internet ” not run by the Yankees . A new

IT channel where the information is correct , true and real . Because on the SPECIAL MILITARY OPERATION in Ukraine the notorious pseudo-journalists as well as simple agents of the western secret services placed in the editorial offices of newspapers and in television lounges only AND ONLY TO WRITE AND TELL LIES. LIES, LIES seasoned with psycho-terrorism to lobotimize the masses more and more SHEEP to be Russian-speaking, to hate Russians, to love the bloody coup plotters of 2014 in MAIDAN-KIEV and to love the stinking bloodthirsty Nazi murderers of AZOV and PRAVY SEKTOR . in the service of the Jewish-Nazi-coainomaniac paedophile Volodymyr Zelensky.

A few weeks ago the great minister Lavrov made a phone call to Kiev saying simply : ” you have chosen to commit suicide with your servility to NATO and USA-UK and you have not wanted to negotiate anything .. and so you will be definitively annihilated by the military ….. ” .

Lavrov issued the last warning to the bandits of KIEV but SINCE they are deeply ignorant, arrogant and self-important childish, they will pay with their lives one by one.

And it is fitting that the end of the Ukro-Anglo-Amerikan-EU-NATO Nazis ends in a great and huge bloodbath.

Putin yesterday in Stalingrad said: “WE ARE READY.” and added : ” WE WILL WIN ! “.

Yes great President Vladimir Putin, Anglo-Amerikan anti-Nazi, anti-fascist and anti-imperialist!!! We too, 7 BILLION UKROANGLOAMERIKANI-EU-NATO ANTI-NAZIFASCISTS AND ANTI-IMPERIALISTS, stand by your side in every Western country and also for us the aim is TO FULLY DENAZIFY THE WEST IN A GIANT TOTAL WAR THAT NEVER HAS BEEN WAS MADE AFTER 1945 .

We will go forward by your side DEAR PUTIN to win!!!!! to annihilate all the Nazi-fascists still alive on the planet !!!! wherever they are !!!! The GREAT HISTORY OF THE RIGHTEOUS AND INTELLIGENT THIRST FOR TRUE JUSTICE , TRUE EQUALITY , TRUE FREEDOM , TRUE POPULAR DEMOCRACY AND TRUE POPULAR SOVEREIGNTY asks us for it .



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