• March 22, 2023

JANUARY 2023 – Dating retired former CIA , FBI , Police , USAID and US government officials every day. Get to know their personal situations in retirement but with important contacts still active with their colleagues operating in US government offices. A useful and interesting experience to better understand what former Yankee officials think of the world in general.

In about 60 days of attendance you can learn many interesting things from those who until a few months before held important positions, functions and responsibilities in the US government apparatus.

They are retired in Asian locations over 12,000km away from their hometowns in the United States of America, in temperatures of 33-36 degrees every day and every night. They live as pensioners in countries where the cost of living is the lowest on the planet and have asked and obtained from the government of an Asian country that their currency “the dollar” be equal and at par with the local currency in daily exchanges. Naturally, they achieved this by blackmailing the rulers of the country in question.

This fact is important because it denotes their age-old imperial arrogance to humiliate and subjugate with “the dollar” the populations that do not have the wealth of Western capitalist exploitation; the wealth from plundering the natural resources of other countries that they have colonized; the wealth gained from 258 world wars in 250 years of their history against innocent peoples who maintained their political independence against Yankee imperialism; the wealth obtained from the many Amerikan crimes against humanity … ect … ..

For the Yankee belonging to the middle social class (employees and executives with a fixed state salary) the United States is and will always be the “great superior country…”top country” and all the others will always be the inferior beings, i.e. the slaves to be exploited .

This basic concept of Yankee superiority is taught to 5-year-olds in the early years of school and so they grow up feeling and becoming “superior and arrogant” to those who don’t have pockets and bank accounts full of dollars.

If a 25-30 year old Yankee citizen does not yet have a full bank account with a balance deposit of about 50,000 thousand dollars, he is considered a beggar because he has not been able to understand the functioning of capitalism and therefore will never be an “exploiting and gangsters”.

If a Yankee cannot pay for hospital insurance, he must die, as is already happening in the United States.

It doesn’t matter how a Yankee “makes his money” in America’s ruthless capitalist system. It doesn’t matter if a Yankee cheats, kills or blackmails or if he sells his body to make money and save the 50,000 thousand dollars.

What matters is to be more cunning, quicker to cheat others, more cunning, more criminal than others.

So always be in constant competition with others. Then they like to call themselves citizens of the “United States” in which as a general concept all people are thought to be united with each other.

Instead quite the opposite because the Amerikans are the country with the highest index of individualism in the world.

For the dollars they kill each other between mother , father and children .

Even when they are retired they are still more individualistic than before when they lived in the States….

They are retired but they can make money selling anything….even important information….because they are still in touch with whoever took their place in the Government Office where they worked for 40 years.

It must be admitted that in addition to being rich retirees .. the Yankees are also very stupid and ignorant individuals because they do not understand who they are talking to and ignorant because for example they do not know who Napoleon was , Julius Caeser , … where the Dolomites are … where is Paris ..the Colosseum..ect…

In Asia, retired Yankees live with their wives who are also elderly and retired or they live alone but with women much younger than them who are “rented” by the month, in agreement with the police and the Immigration Authorities, to live with them until they crack and go underground.

Armies of Yankee retirees in Asia, in the heat, with a very low cost of living, who in reality don’t give a damn about .. MORON … JOE BIDEN and his son HUNTER BIDEN … that is, an idiot totally incapable of understanding and want at 40….100% cocaine addict like his friend VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY ….always been SON OF POPE ASSHOLE…..pimp, troglodyte and total imbecile in his painful shitty life.

Yankee retirees don’t give a shit about the WHITE HOUSE shit … and don’t give a shit about the world around them.

But as soon as the ZIRCONs arrive on their villas in the United States of America and they will destroy the US territory in a few minutes without anyone noticing that they are already on their fucking heads…..perhaps..then..they will start to worry about what happens outside the US.


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