• May 31, 2023

BBC says Chinese police assaulted and detained its MI6 ” reporter ” at Shanghai protest.

MI6 Agent – Journalist Ed Lawrence was beaten after being arrested at a protest against China’s strict Covid restrictions, broadcaster says

British fake BBC reporter Edward Lawrence is a spy for MI6 in London.
MI6 recruits its agents among journalist reporters, university students, teachers, traders, entrepreneurs, priests, nuns, gays, air hostesses, etc….
Ed Lawrence was in China to instigate young Chinese students and pretended to be a BBC reporter.

BBC now requests MI6 agent and charges Chinese police for arrest.
Why didn’t the BBC protest when citizens in London and in many European cities were massacred by the police in demonstrations of all kinds?
Why doesn’t the BBC protest the torture that its murderous Nazi-fascist London cops and the murderous, Yankee-kissing British Home Secretary inflicted on Julian Assange? In the London Belmarsh camp??
No , we hope that Chinese counterintelligence agents teach spy Lawrence a very hard lesson and make her talk to learn about MI6 ‘s criminal plans .


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