• May 29, 2023

2023, this is the year we have to make important decisions for our lives.

…. Already hears the fatal gallop of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ….. be prepared for the worst in order to have the best …. and if you want peace .. prepare for war ..

We must decide and quickly, because it has already been 76 years since the end of the Second World War, which side to be on today in 2023.

Either we are on the side of the West made up of about 1 billion people and led in an unipolar way by the Jewish authorities of the financial Power and the political-economic-military Power of the United States of America with its allies;


we are on the side of the largest super-continent of EurAsia, the largest in terms of geographical territory, made up of 7 billion people and led in a multipolar way by the single and autonomous political authorities of each single country, totally independent from the West on the geostrategic plan -politic .

Why do we have to make this clear and rational decision ? Naturally in our personal interest and at the same time in the collective interest.

Simply because in the great war that the West has already unleashed since 2014 against the Russian people using the cannon fodder of the ukrainian Nazis in Ukraine, now in 2023 the amerikan warmongers want the destruction of planet earth in every sense.

Above all because the anglo-american jewish-nazi billionaire bankers, the true and only Western Nazi Dome- WND , want escalation in Ukraine and want to maintain the imperial supremacy of the nazi-liberal Global Power that they have imposed on the Western Peoples in 76 years.

But since February 24, 2022 the courageous President Vladimir Putin has split the Imperial Order of the West and therefore dared to disobey the rules of the WND officially giving birth to the New World and Multipolar Order represented by 7 billion people on an area 100 times larger than that of the West.

The event of February 24, 2022 is planetary and irreversible because it destroyed all the criminal plans of the USA and its allies which for 258 years have waged 256 wars on millions of innocent unarmed civilians all over the planet, robbing their natural wealth. and creating coups against legitimate governments solely and exclusively for their greed , arrogance , bullying and criminality in their DNA .

Yes, the jewish-nazi leaders of the financial and banking Elites; US military and political leaders are cowards and have never been real combat soldiers.

Military americans when they have fought against other military have always lost wars.

But against unarmed civilians, like Hitler’s Nazi Germans did SS and GESTAPO and Mussolini’s fascists , amerikan military killed unarmed civilians.

Exclusively and solely due to the geo-political strategic choices and the political decisions already taken by President Joe Biden, on precise orders from the Western Nazi Dome, by the US government and by the Pentagon, the new year 2023 will unfortunately be marked by the arrival of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse:

Death, Famine, Nuclear War, Biological Viruses

According to a widespread modern cultural interpretation, however, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse would all be bearers of a divine punishment that precedes the universal judgement.

One would also wonder if on the dock for the Last Judgment there will also be GOD, the divine Lord invoked in many religions, who has allowed so much EVIL to Humanity wanted and provoked by the few powerful billionaire criminals placed in the political-financial decision-making centers western military against the billions of weak and poor innocents who survive on the planet as refuse of the imperial bourgeoisies and western imperialists.

The end of the imperial and unipolar strategic and geo-political-financial-economic domination of the United States of America, and the end of the dollar as a world reserve currency with an unprecedented economic crisis in the West due to the collapse of the old house of cards of the Western Order.

The historical events that took place in 2022 shocked the entire West, today already 2023 deeply in a general crisis, with its natural decline after 650 years of constant and continuous crimes; of bestial exploitation of the strongest because they are dishonest and became rich with money stolen from the poor, on the weakest because they are honest and poor who survive in over 600 million in the capitalist West with a nazi-liberal system.

In order for the criminal, paranoid, psychopathic and neurological obstinacy of the anglo-american jewish-nazi mad billionaires to have an immediate end, it is necessary to relentlessly and mercilessly bomb all the private residences of the criminals of the WND- Western Nazi Dome; their institutional headquarters where they exercise their financial-political-military power; all military strategic centers and all military bases located around the globe.

We must strike the enemies of all humanity at home, on their territory and destroy it as they have destroyed the territories of other countries.

It is the time of the great showdown, of the great revenges and of the great justices.

Because no one has forgotten their crimes in their long 650-year criminal history.


Petronius Brando


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